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Author Topic: I guess I should post something here every once in a while.  (Read 4692 times)

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I guess I should post something here every once in a while.
« on: December 04, 2011, 10:52:55 pm »
In case you couldn't figure it out by that picture, November 29 was my birthday. I am now 22, I am checking into the nursing home next week. In other news, I have a new computer monitor, a 20" non-widescreen LCD, as my old 20" CRT died. I also bought some RAM for my computers but it did not work in my server, so I put it in the OS/2 computer where it only recognizes half of it. I spent 40 dollars on RAM I could not use. there are not a lot of shows this month, but The Max Levine Ensemble are playing a new years eve show at Wonderroot, so that should be great. The Wild is opening for Against Me! at The Masquerade, but fuck that. TMLE! also I think The Disregardables are going to be there. I have to admit, this new monitor is pretty great it's all thin and stuff, it's like I am living in the future.
What else happened lately? Nothing, November was a very boring month with no shows. The last show I went to was November 8, The Wild and Vacation at Wonderroot, before that I saw Timeshares and a bunch more bands at The Poopparty Palace on the first. I want to keep talking here but I have absolutely nothing to say. I think I am going to post the Google Analytics stuff sometime soon, I finally found out how to make it not count me, so now the site averages 2 visits a day, instead of 20. but there are two other visits from in Georgia. I demand you show yourselves, we can hang out for real and stuff.

Nobody reads this why do I even bother, I could unplug the server and nobody would know.
I run this shit.

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