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Computers and Technology / Sun VirtualBox
« on: June 24, 2010, 05:31:27 pm »
I am running on Windows 7, dual core.

My family has previously had Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista and possibly a Windows 95.

I remembered playing starcraft back on the windows 98 and decided to try it out on 7, it makes all of the colors of the screen go crazy and the game freezes. I ended up fixing the colors yet still freezing. I have looked up basically every solution and found that a virtual machine is the only answer other than downgrading.

(Stuff that doesn't work is Set Affinity of the process to CPU 0, windowed mode, keeping the Resolution screen open, switching to 16-bit, compatibility mode, disabling aero, running on classic mode, or running as administrator).

I downloaded Sun Virtualbox (because I only have W7 Home Edition and can't get VirtualPC or XP Mode) and made a virtual machine for XP, just to realize that I needed my 98/XP/VISTA installation CD.

I was wondering (because I know that Floyd uses virtualpc) if you can use the CD that comes with a computer that has XP/VISTA pre-installed or if you have to buy the upgrade CD that you would use if you were going from 95-98 98-XP or XP-Vista.

So far I have found an empty CD case of windows 98, I will be looking for boxes the computers came in later today.

EDIT: I have been reading, and I think what I will be doing is downloading (K)ubuntu linux and dual-booting it with Windows 7, therefore allowing me to run SC (and more). Do you know anything about this floyd?
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