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Title: May 24, 2010- I updated my record collection page
Post by: Floyd on May 24, 2011, 02:14:30 pm
This website is going to go through a slight re-working. It will be the same as it is now, but I am adding a new subforum "Floyd's Meaningless Opinions and Thoughts (" that even unregistered guests can post in. Also, this site will sort of double as some kind of shitty personal blog that nobody will read, because I am NOT getting a tumblr page, but lately I have felt the need to spout off my meaningless opinions for the whole internet to read, and I would rather do it here where I have complete control over it than on some other website where I don't.
In other news, I have updated my record collection page ( with the stuff I have bought at all the shows I have been to this week. They have all been great. In case you don't know what they were (which it is highly likely you don't, it's not like you know who I am or that there is anyone reading this anyway), here's a list:

5/17/2011  The Earl          Into it. Over it., Laura Stevenson and The Cans, Fake Problems
5/21/2011  The Cut          D-Flo, College Douchebag, The Weather Underground, Zebu, The Disregardables
5/23/2011  Wonderroot     Theo Hilton, Spoonboy, Spraynard, The Wild

Also, tonight Spoonboy, Spraynard, Werewolves, Grape Soda, and D-Flo are at The Plush Palace in Athens. I can't figure out what time it starts because I have no facebook account either, so I guess I will try to show up between 8 and 9 and hope I don't miss anything or get there too awkwardly early.
that is all.
Title: May 24, 2010- I updated my record collection page
Post by: Floyd on August 14, 2011, 10:50:08 pm
at least I am almost done with all this now.