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Title: I am going to a bunch of shows this week.
Post by: Floyd on June 13, 2011, 11:31:23 am
You will note that under the date it says "Floyd's random thoughts" that is because there are now 3 categories that I can file stuff under, Website News, Strike Anywhere News, and Floyd's random thoughts. If this website ever does become a bustling hub of internet activity, I want to be ready. I did this for yesterday's news too.
Anyway, I am going to a bunch of shows in Atlanta this week, and one in Athens though not neccecerilly all of these. Here is a list:
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Date:              |            Bands:                                                             | Where:
Monday, June 13    | Have Fun Exploding, Red City Radio , Captain We're Sinking                    |  529
Wednesday, June 15 | Sacred Love, Homewrecker, Focused X Minds, Bentlife, Bad, Comatose            |  Wonderroot 
Thursday, June 16  | The Disregardables, Paranoia Dance Party, SS Vendetta,The Carryons, Hermits   |  Wonderroot
                   | of Suburbia                                                                   | 
Saturday, June 18  | Toby Foster, Your Heart Breaks, Steven Scurry, Nana Grizol, Defiance, Ohio    |  Orange Twin Community Amphitheater
Sunday, June 19    | Run Forever, Not Betty, Werewolves, Bolivian Search Party, Places To Hide     |  Wonderroot

In the unlikely event that you are from Georgia, live in the Atlanta or Athens area, are reading this, and happen to be going to any of these, find me and we will talk about stuff. I am stoked for all of this, especially the Defiance Ohio show on the 18th. Tonight it's Red City Radio, it's 21 and up so that will suck, but it is supposedly free so that's good.
Title: What a week it has been.
Post by: Floyd on June 20, 2011, 05:47:53 pm
All those shows were great, red city radio was awesome, I bought a copy of The Dangers of Standing Still. The show on the 15th was great too, I got to meet Mike, someone I know on the internet, but refuses to join this website he is in Sacred Love. I did not go to the one on the 16th. the Defiance Ohio show on the 18th was probably the best show I have been to this year. I could tell you about it, but words won't do it justice. It can best be summed up with one picture, my shoes when I got back home:
I met so many great people at that show and got to talk to all the people I already sort of knew. The show last night was pretty good too, Run Forever was awesome.

There are these shows this week:
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Thursday, June 23  | New Futurama episodes start Tonight!                          |  Comedy Central
Thursday, June 23  | The Disregardables, A Billion Ernies, Caddywhompus            |  The Cut
I can't decide what I want to do. This is relevant, it is a preview for the Futurama premiere, in the other episode, apparently [spoiler]Bender gets the ability to duplicate himself.[/spoiler]I have to choose between this and The Disregardables. (
Also, The People United Anti-Flag forum is off-line for a few days, anyone from there that joins here can get all kinds of benefits that are secret.
Title: June 30, 2011-Not much has happened.
Post by: Floyd on June 30, 2011, 01:02:02 pm
The show last Thursday did not happen, there was a show, but the Disregardables were not there. I don't know why, but it's no big deal they will probably have another show soon. Futurama, was great there is another new episode tonight, you should all watch it. apparently bender is a ghost (not a g-g-g-ghost) for some reason. I am working on a new page for the Computer Stuff section about Windows NT 3.51 it is not done yet. Thanks to a generous donation from a person who is not a member of my forum, the CO1/PCDS radio server can continue functioning for another year. THAT IS ALL.
Title: I am going to a bunch of shows this week.
Post by: Floyd on August 14, 2011, 10:51:59 pm
Best times.
Title: Re: I am going to a bunch of shows this week.
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Title: Re: I am going to a bunch of shows this week.
Post by: Floyd on October 16, 2011, 10:02:18 pm
This topic has been raped by spambots today. Do they have no respect for one of the greatest weeks of my life?
Title: -
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