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Title: Why are all the topics started by Floyd on August 14, 2011?
Post by: Floyd on August 15, 2011, 02:17:13 pm
They are not. When I upgraded the forum I corrupted the database. I was able to recover the members and topics, but not whatever file that said the topics exist, so I had to manually re-create all of them, by making new topics. When I made a new topic with an ID number of 3 it re-created the old topic number 3 but said that I created it on the day I made the new one instead of the day it was originally made. Any new topics created by other people will bear their names as will any responses to old topics.

Topics with more than one page are a bit more involved, I have to split them at the end of the first page then  merge the two split topics back together. After that, I can delete the posts I made and it will say it was made by it's original creator. I have already done this to all the topics in General Discussion, Music, Strike Anywhere News, Strike Anywhere Discussion, and Computers and Technology.

If you want to post in one of these and I have not already fixed it, post here and I will.