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I don't have a finished working copy right now, I will have to put it together, I can probably get it to you some time tomorrow.

Before I send it and you leave and I never hear from you again, I have a few questions:
You are not a cop right?
The FBI wont be knocking down my door tomorrow if I email this to you will they?

I hate to be suspicious, but you are the first person to ever come to my website for the computer stuff. Fuck, you are the first person to come here at all for three months.

How did you find my little corner of the internet anyway?

No im not a cop and im not from USA. Im just guy from Russia who want back PROGMAN (im use it very long time, but in Windows 8 this will not work instead your tutorial).
I found your site via google, when i search answer for how to start PROGMAN in Win7\8. Im already start WINFILE, but PROGMAN still not work, so im really need your help.

Im planned use it for GUI (fuck explorer.exe) bundled with WINFILE. :)
And im not leave this site because as you, im love old software.
It will be great, if you do this:

my email:

Thank you very much! :)
Hello. Can you post link to ready working file without these instructions?
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