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Website News / Why didn't anyone tell me the website was offline?
« Last post by Floyd on September 07, 2012, 01:08:00 pm »
I used this place to host a few sort of important files over the last few weeks and now I feel stupid because to everyone else I have just been posting dead links. What happened was I upgraded the hard drive on August 25 and switched the port forwarding on my router to go to the backup server. When I got done with the upgrade I turned the backup server off but forgot to put the router back to normal.

I am a fucking idiot. BUT THE SERVER HAS A 127GB HARD DRIVE NOW!

Anyway, that's all, bye see you all again next month!
Strike Anywhere News and Discussion / Re: New Music!?
« Last post by StrikeAnywhere4Life on July 19, 2012, 07:22:53 am »
In Defiance Of Empty Times preview!! Hollywood Cemetery acoustic! Official Soundcloud link,
YouTube link (by me)


Another website update!

" In Defiance Of Empty Times Live Acoustic Collection + Summer Show News

Bridge Nine and Strike Anywhere are very proud to present In Defiance Of Empty Times, capturing two performances of acoustic shows played during 2011. The vinyl, CD and download have 11 folk arrangements of Strike Anywhere songs culled from all 13 years of our songwriting, containing select tracks from five LPs and two EPs. Street date for this record is August 14, preorders are up now at the link that follows.
In Defiance Of Empty Times pre-order

Our friend and comrade of many years,the talented and generous Dave Hause has arranged a fine cover of First Will & Testament off of Iron Front, and made that his b-side on his recently released Pray For Tuscon 7". This is available from Bridge Nine Records. Pick it up this Summer and enjoy his heartfelt songs.

Although we haven't been too busy on the touring front, we will be playing a rare show in our hometown of Richmond, Virginia next month in the pavilion at Hadad's Lake on August 18. This will be an all day, outdoor punk and metal adventure hosted by GWAR at a unique family run water park who are friendly to punk rock mayhem and music. Only in Richmond could this intersection of impossibilities serendipitously occur. Over a dozen local and national bands will be raging including Murderess from Portland OR, Lost Tribe from Richmond, and some old friends are playing as well including The Casualties and Valient Thorr. It's gonna be crucial - the punk rock road trip destination of the Summer. Consider yourselves warmly invited! ( GWAR will thank us for bringing them more humans to eat )
GwarBQ show updates and details

A final bit of news to announce for our friends in South America .. . . .we are definitely confirmed for the WROS festival tour in November. It's been too long since we have played and had the honor of singing along with the folks in Brazil, and this will be our very first time in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago, Chile. November 4 in Sao Paolo, November 7 in Buenos Aires, and November 9 in Santiago, Chile. More details, full line ups and stage times can be found on the WROS festival Facebook pages . We are very excited for these shows and look forward to seeing many of you there. "
Strike Anywhere News and Discussion / New Music!?
« Last post by Floyd on July 17, 2012, 06:12:50 pm »
Not really, but sort of, IT'S AN ACOUSTIC RECORD OF OLD SONGS! I am really stoked about this, because not only is it the first "new" Strike Anywhere in three years, it is acoustic, which should be great!
Plus it matches this website:
It also comes on white vinyl or with a shirt and poster "on the rarest variant of vinyl available at the time of purchase". If you are boring you can buy it on digital download or on a CD.
Click here to preorder this!
I have just had lots of stuff going on lately and have not had time to post here. Here is what has been happening since my last update: PIX Fest was really great, there is a story to tell about getting there, but it was the best weekend of my life. A few weeks ago I got a Pentium II Computer off the side of the road, it now runs Windows 2000. My new desktop computer that I was using for a while died and now I am back to just a laptop, I need to build a new desktop. Next week there are lots of shows. The Wild's Kickstarter goals have been met. Next Monday is the series finale of Eureka. New Futurama is on and great, tonight Zapp Brannigan dates Leela's mother.
I guess that is all, I am really glad I have so many great friends that I can do stuff with and I really hate to say it but Facebook has made my life better.
Floyd's Random Thoughts / I thought I should post something here this month
« Last post by Floyd on June 17, 2012, 10:44:17 am »
Lots of stuff has been happening lately and I honesty just have not had time to update this. I am going to Plan-It-X Fest next week and that should be pretty rad. also my new computer died so I am back to just an outdated laptop, but it is running the base XP Service Pack 2 without any updates so it is a lot faster now. I am just really stoked on lots of stuff that is happening right now to quote someone on the twitter, #summervacay.
Floyd's Random Thoughts / Help The Wild make their new record
« Last post by Floyd on May 10, 2012, 07:29:07 pm »
The Wild is probably my second favorite band and they are working on a new record. they have a Kickstarter, go donate what you can. I have heard some songs that are going to be on this, it should be great. These guys are my best friends, they are great people and they have great music. if you ever see them at a show, tell them I sent you. Here is what they said on their facebook page:
Hey everyone!! We're really excited about recording our new album with Tom Gabel at her studio in St Augustine late this summer! We need your help to cover studio costs. Anything you can contribute will be much appreciated. Please check out our kickstarter page. We love you!!

click here and donate something.
Strike Anywhere News and Discussion / Re: Strike Anywhere website update :O
« Last post by Floyd on May 10, 2012, 06:50:32 pm » has the songs that are on it:
That's fine and good, but in my opinion they need an American south tour, specifically in Atlanta.

In my opinion they need another European tour, specifically in Belgium. :p
Strike Anywhere News and Discussion / Interview with Thomas, New record in July!
« Last post by Floyd on May 07, 2012, 12:36:32 pm »
Interview with Thomas, New record in July!

In an interview with Thomas Barnett mentions that the band is "Finishing up the artwork and production for “In Defiance Of Empty Times”, our new Live Acoustic LP which will come out this July." he also says there will be another South American tour in November. That's fine and good, but in my opinion they need an American south tour, specifically in Atlanta. You can read the full interview here:
It's going to be a live acoustic LP called “In Defiance Of Empty Times”. It's going to be released in July.

What’s on the cards for the next few months for the band? I think we will continue slowly sharing musical ideas back and forth while we work our jobs and live our lives. Finishing up the artwork and production for “In Defiance Of Empty Times” , our new Live Acoustic LP which will come out this July. We have no touring plans as of this writing until November when we return to South America.

Got any final words… In Defiance Of Empty Times will be out this July on Bridge Nine Records.

Click here for the interview.
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