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Monty Python?


So has ANYBODY watched it?
If not, you have been seriously deprived your entire life and it needs immediate fixing.

Undertaker Sheep:
I don't remember in which topic it was, but we had a debate about the best Monty Python skits.
My favorites are still:

3- The Black Knight
2- The Man-Eating Rabbit
1- Polly The (Dead) Parrot

And best fuck up also goes to a scene in The Holy Grail (man I love that movie). It's the scene where The Enchanter introduces himself, and apparently he had a very ridicules name which was hard to pronounce or something, but Cleese forgot his lines and said:

''There are those who call me.....Tim...?''

I love the doubt in his voice as he realises he forgot hjs line xD

I never knew he forgot his lines XD I'mma def have to watch that again soon.
Humm, and I really love Salad Days and the Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook. The Argument Clinic is pretty good too. Have you seen those?

I love the Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook and Argument Clinic.
The man eating rabbit one is probably one of my least favorites. :/

I love Flying Lessons, philosopher's song, Bruces, Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, Wink Wink Nudge Nudge, and the Pope and Michaelangelo

PS Kate nice signature, that's also a great sketch!! XD


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