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Undertaker Sheep:
So what are your favorite sitcoms?
My top 5:

1. That 70's Show
2. How I Met Your Mother
3. Still Standing
4. 3d Rock From The Sun
5. According To Jim

Fresh Prince

I don't watch many sitcoms, they always come on at the same time as my science fiction, but I do watch The Big Bang Theory, mostly for the Star Trek references, and I would like to see that new show with Wiliam Shatner, but haven't gotten around to seeing it yet.

Does The Simpsons Count?
I don't know who doesn't like Fresh Prince.
I always liked The Cosby Show and a lot of other 80s/90s sitcoms, but I can't remember what they were.  That one with the person who is Leela was decent, what was it called?

Most of my favorites are over. I love sitcoms though.

1. Seinfeld- funniest show ever made.
2. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
3. South Park
4. Drake & Josh
5. Kenan & Kel
6. Malcolm in the Middle
7. Community
8. That 70's Show
9. Saved by the Bell
10. All in the Family
11. Cheers
12. My Boys

And yeah floyd the Simpsons is a sitcom.

Undertaker Sheep:
Hmm interesting, I never counted South Park and the Simsons as sitcoms


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