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I guess this place is finally dead


I Joined Facebook, I joined tumblr, I stopped posting here for two months, I came back to let you know I am still alive, I WENT TO FEST AND IT WAS AMAZING. That is pretty much my life since the last time I posted here. I really hate to say that facebook and tumblr have made my life better. A lot of stuff has changed since I started this website, I have friends now, that was not true when this website was started. My friends are all amazing people and they apparently don't want to join here so I had to go to where they were. Facebook killed the internet message board and I think that is just terrible.

In other news, I did make a "Compatibility Mode" version of the website since the last time I posted here. For a website that has zero posts and averages less than 200 page views a month (I Just checked, that is true! average 5 a day!) this website is in constant development. Over the years, this has become my blog and also a testing ground for me to teach myself how to make a really great website. I know virtually nobody will ever see it, but it's far to cheap and easy to keep this server and website running for me to shut it down now.

Wow, I really kind of rant don't I? Well for compatibility mode, click here. for my facebook which I am on almost constantly, click here for my tumblr which I am also on constantly, click here.

Sorry for the huge block of text, I know you don't want to read that.

Until next month, this has been Floyd, signing off.


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