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Random quotes from whatever you may be watching on TV at this moment.

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Yes, I know all of my topic titles are entirely too long.
Don't say the name of the show you are watching or who is doing the talking, just what is being said.

Peter, Why are you staring into the dryer?
I'm watching the latest episode of Laundry Theater. See, those are Chris's socks, right. They don't know that Stewie's shirt is having an affair with Meg's trousers. Ooh! it's fun watching rich people be naughty!

Hmm, I wonder what show that is... :P

"Hi i'm date mike. Nice to meet me."

"Put a gun to my head and paint the walls with my brains."

Hurry Leela, we don't have much time to begin repopulating earth. Go brush you're teeth, I will be waiting for you naked under this ques-a-dilla


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