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This is not about the song by Defiance Ohio.

It's about show on the SyFy channel about a town full of geniuses and it's non-genius sheriff who has to fix all of the things that the scientists mess up. The season premiere is on right now and you should all be watching it.

apparently the 5 main characters have traveled back in time to 1947, when the town of Eureka was still just a military base. and they are playing period-accurate music during the show, not actual songs, just music during the show that sound like 1940s big band music.

apparently cell phones + solar flares = time machine.

cell phones + solar flares in the present day + reactivation of a machine built by Einstein in the 1940s + similar solar flares in the 40s + original activation of Einstein's machine + experimental microwave satellite antenna = time machine

and now that everyone is back in 2010, they have found that history has changed... a lot. Also, someone from 1947 came back with them.

I have a feeling that at least half of this season will be about fixing what happened in this episode.

I've heard of that show.
The Defiance, Ohio song is like amazing though

Yes, Eureka is a good song, but it is a better TV show.


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