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is a show about two secret agents that collect artifacts that have weird powers, the artifacts can be anything from a chair that makes people act out their subconscious thoughts to a pair of underwear that allows the wearer to alter his density. They store the artifacts in a big warehouse in Wyoming, I think. the warehouse was built at the turn of the century, it was designed by Thomas Edison, Nicola Tesla, M.C. Escher, and a bunch more people.

The villain this season is HG Wells, who has been cryogenicly stored in the Warehouse, but then escaped, with the help of last season's villain, a former Warehouse agent named McPherson, he died. HG Wells is actually a woman, "[she] provided the research, [her] brother provided the mustache."

Episode 3 of Season 2 comes on tonight at nine, which is unfortunate, because it comes on at the same time as Matt's radio show. The first two episodes of this season are on now and at 8:00, you should watch them.

Last night's episode was the greatest episode ever. Fargo from Eureka came to the warehouse to upgrade the computers, which are mostly running on vacuum tubes still and accidentally activates an experimental back-up computer system from the 80s. It was built by a man named Hugo Miller who once encouraged Bill Gates to go one way while encouraging Steve Jobs to go another. The computer had a holographic artificial intelligence, modeled after Hugo, also he transferred the left half of his brain into the computer and his human self went to the  nut house. they brought the human Hugo to the warehouse and transferred all of his mind back into his body, he had no memory of the last 25 years. He asked "I cant wait to see all the technological advancements I missed. Did Billy Gates ever get that project of his off the ground" Hugo Miller then decided to go to Eureka. Fargo finished the Warehouse computer upgrades.

Also, I think Hugo Miler might have been played by the actor who was Odo in Star Trek Deep Space 9, but I can't confirm this.

Friday, Claudia from Warehouse 13 goes to Eureka for some reason. I'm guessing to check up on Hugo or something.

I have been able to confirm that Hugo Miller was indeed played by Rene Auberjonois otherwise known as Odo in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

This week's episode was pretty good. Artie got kidnapped by the son of his former soviet Russia spy person, and HG Wells helps save him and then she gets reinstated as an agent.

The important thing to know, is that Adwin Kosan, a guy who seems high up in the Warehouse 13 command chain looks to be played by the same actor who played The Great And Almighty Captain Robau in Star Trek 11, that means, that The Great And Almighty Captain Robau is actually in charge of Warehouse 13, it could not be in better hands.

I have confirmed that Adwin Kosan  is indeed played by Faran Tahir, otherwise known as The Great And Almighty Captain Robau. No wonder he is such a badass, he has the entire warehouse and all of Starfleet at his command.


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