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this was inevitable

Star Trek 3: The search for Spock is on now, I am watching it, and will talk about it here

I just realized that the Space The final frontier... speech Leonard Nimoy gave at the end of ST 11 was the same as the one he gave at the beginning of ST 3

That was good. Now I wish Star Trek 4 would come on again. I have it on VHS, I may have to dust off the old VCR and watch it.

You know what? I run this forum, and I am going to pin this topic, for no other reason than my obsessive love of Star Trek.

Undertaker Sheep:

I'm not a huge fan of Star Trek, but I do like watching the shows and movies. From the original Kirk to the new Kirk, from DS9 to Enterprise

But in the end, nothing Star Trek has can compare to Star Wars. Namely because of this little scene



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