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Screenshots of CO1 and all of my Computers

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This, too, was inevitable.

Operating System- Windows XP with Program Manager:

Many, many, many more to come.

Screenshots from my server:
Browser- Firefox 3:

Operating System- Windows XP Professional:

The desktop background is a bit of an inside joke, it was one of the few things I was able to save from the old server:

Browser- Firefox 2

Operating System- Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server:

The computer supports 24-bit color, but I don't have a monitor attached, and have to access it through Remote Desktop, and it only supports 256 color in the Windows NT 4 version.

This computer's monitor is the Living Room TV, it's a shitty computer, but it keeps my dad's girlfriend off of my better computers, and it makes a decent Remote Desktop terminal to better computers.
Browser- Firefox 3

Operating System- Windows 2000

Browser- Firefox 2

Operating System- Windows NT 3.51:

again, with a Windows XP color scheme in place.  use the default Windows XP color scheme everywhere except Windows XP.


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