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Strike Anywhere is a great band, so I made this site. Eventually, it became my blog too. Actually, it started out as my blog.
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November 10, 2015

Website News
Happy Birthday to the website!

today is the 6th birthday this dead website, nothing happens anymore, but its still there, chugging away on that old pentium 3 in my basement. for a full history, go here.
PS. Fest was a few weeks ago, and it was great! OH AND THE WILD ARE PLAYING A SHOW IN ATLANTA NEXT MONTH! WITH NANA GRIZOL!!!
ok, thats all, bye.

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May 2, 2015

Website News
New thing in the Computer Stuff section

HOLY SHIT I UPDATED SOMETHING!. Windows 8 and now 10 are here to stay, so i put up the instructions on how to make the display settings control from Windows 2000 (desk.cpl) run on them. you can find this fancy new article here or talk about it on the forum here. OK, thats all, see you in another two months. PS Fest Countdown is functional, but i haven't uploaded it yet and probably won't. ok bye.

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Februaray 2, 2015

Website News
its 2015 now

it's not 2014 anymore, it's 2015 so i guess i shoudl post something here reflecting the change in years.
i'm not posting this on the forum.

November 14, 2014

Website News
I was 'hacked'

Congratulations, whoever uploaded this file to the root of my website!

someone hacked me i'm so exited

I congratulate you on getting through my completely non-existent defenses. I moved it after I found it, as it didn't fit the file and directory structure I have established on this website. Honestly, I'd love to know how you did it, as I've wanted to be able to remotely upload stuff to my website for a long time (without using a complex sash and remote desktop thing that I disable when I'm not using it so don't even try that.) Anyway, if you figured out how to do that, honestly, I'd love to talk to you about it join the message board lets be friends!

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If I find any pictures of strike anywhere's set with me in them, I'll post them here but it was great finally seeing strike anywhere again after all these years. Mixtapes's last show ever was also good, and Spraynard, and every other band I saw.

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October 31, 2014


Tomorrow is fest, i am going to see Strike Anywhere and its going to be great. Also it's going to be Mixtapes's last show ever, i saw them the day before yesterday in atlanta and it was the best thing ever. also apparently strike anywhere's website is offline so i guess that makes this the only strike anywhere website on the whole internet. if you are at fest we should hang out or something.

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September 1, 2014

Website News
You may be wondering why it's been offline for a week

the network card died due to a lightning storm (it fucked up the hdmi inputs on my tv too) and i didn't realize it until the day before yesterday then i turned the backup server on. now i fixed the main server and everything is back to normal. i doubt anyone noticed, nobody comes here anymore. two months until fest where strike anywhere is playing. i'm stoked. there has been a simpsons marathon for the last 12 days, it's almost over now.

I need to start updating my website again, it looks so lonely and dead on here. Also i uninstalled the frontpage server extensions, they were just making things more complicated than they should be i do most of the website's editing in code view in frontpage now anyway because it dosn't correctly display my css or html5 parts anymore.

Also i archived the 2013 news. now the main page looks really empty.

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April 1, 2014

Strike Anywhere news

also, Places to Hide and Mixtapes and SPRAYNARD!

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March 24, 2014

Website News
I broke the forum's theme then i fixed it

A few months ago, when i finally got the frontpage server extentions working, i had to move the folder the website is on from "d:\chorus of one" to "d:\chorusofone" everything copied over without any problems. Today, I was cleaning up the server and deleted "d:\chours of one" and it messed up the theme. When i tried to fix it, nothing happened. i tried again a few hours later and it worked. The first time I must have just forgot to save the settings everything is fine now. In other news the server has been cleaned up and had some stuff fixed it's probably in better condition that it's been in for months.

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January 15, 2014

Floyd's random thoughts
Happy New Year and stuff I guess

here it is another year and this place somehow still exists. I'm going to new york city this weekend and it's going to be really great. in website news well believe it or not, I finally got the FrontPage server extensions working, wow that only took five years. I really don't need them but I needed them to do something you will never know about the other day so I fixed them, it took about two hours once I actually sat down and did it. up until now I have made everything standards-complainant and universally- functional anyway but it might come in handy for something again.

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