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Strike Anywhere is a great band, so I made this site. Eventually, it became my blog too. Actually, it started out as my blog.
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february 17, 2017

website stuff
im a big dummy

why didn't anyone tell me this things been down for nearly three weeks. the port forwarding on my router was wrong. it was still configured for using the backup server

im not gonna post this on the forum.

January 22, 2017

website stuff
happy new network card!

i finally replaced the network card that the lightning fried a couple weeks ago. that's all i guess. we have a nazi for president now that's lame. i need to actually buy a new network card for this thing, i had to go thru like three before i found one that worked without having to hunt down drivers. gigabit LAN would be nice but it wouldn't make anything faster for you, i should see how much a new card would cost. it would be weird spending money on this website, its been running seven years (HOLY SHIT!) and hasn't cost anything but electricity.

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November 9, 2016

hey, donald trump



November 2, 2016

floyds random thoughts

fest was last weekend, i saw strike anywhere they were great the whole of fest was amazing (it always is!) ok thats all bye

im not gonna post this on the forum.

July 31, 2016

Website News
apparently we were offline

i had no idea, as the site serves locally for me, but apparently at some point my router reset itself to factory settings and thus port forwarding needed reconfiguring. it seems like i was able to get on once when i was in indiana for pix fest (I WENT TO PIX FEST LAST WEEKEND IT WAS GREAT!) so i guess it happened some time since then. i really wish i had a way to automaticly notify me when the site was offline, right now i just load up tor and see if it works from a proxy. oh well. i'd have never even known if someone hadn't emailed me. idk why anyone wants to use this place but thanks for that.

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April 3, 2016

Website News
So about that outage...

you probably didn't notice that the website was offline yesterday and the day before that. well, my old DSL modem died. I got a new one yesterday afternoon and got the website back online shortly after. this new modem is 6mbps and has built-in wifi. supposedly it would even support https, if i can figure out how to do that. anyway, you won't notice much difference, as the upload speed is basically the same as the old one, but its still pretty cool to finally have wifi in my house. ok bye.

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January 3, 2016

Website News
HAPPY NEW YEAR (I archived old news)

title pretty much sums it up, after sitting on it for a year, the 2014 "news" has been sent to the archives. i only left it here because it filled up some blank space on the main page, but maybe this year i'll fill up the main page with real stuff. probably not. tumblr and facebook choked out everything on the internet but dumb games and listicles.
Also, I took down the Links page they were mostly dead anyway. I replaced it with a new Music Stuff page. It's Here.
also i changed the tumblr link to the way it was originally.

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November 10, 2015

Website News
Happy Birthday to the website!

today is the 6th birthday this dead website, nothing happens anymore, but its still there, chugging away on that old pentium 3 in my basement. for a full history, go here.
PS. Fest was a few weeks ago, and it was great! OH AND THE WILD ARE PLAYING A SHOW IN ATLANTA NEXT MONTH! WITH NANA GRIZOL!!!
ok, thats all, bye.

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May 2, 2015

Website News
New thing in the Computer Stuff section

HOLY SHIT I UPDATED SOMETHING!. Windows 8 and now 10 are here to stay, so i put up the instructions on how to make the display settings control from Windows 2000 (desk.cpl) run on them. you can find this fancy new article here or talk about it on the forum here. OK, thats all, see you in another two months. PS Fest Countdown is functional, but i haven't uploaded it yet and probably won't. ok bye.

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Februaray 2, 2015

Website News
its 2015 now

it's not 2014 anymore, it's 2015 so i guess i shoudl post something here reflecting the change in years.
i'm not posting this on the forum.

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