All the pictures i ever took at shows at wonderroot


so i tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time

pretty much all of these, except for the very last few were taken with my old flip phone's very bad camera. i've never been big on taking pictures at shows anyway, and i never really posted them because they came out pretty bad, but what with wonderroot's building being torn down, i was feeling nostalgic, and thought i'd try to put them all together in one place.

for a complete list of all the shows i ever went to at wonderroot, as always, consult the showlog (older than 2017)


click images to embiggen, but they won't look much better.


if anyone has any pictures of shows at wonderroot that i can be seen in, let me know, i'd like to see them, i know there are a few out there.


me in the bathroom 08/01/14 (this show would have been- Wicked Pretty, Rational Anthem, Spray Tan, Kidbrat, Broken Factory Windows)

generic bathroom mirror selfie 001


places to hide 10/01/14

places to hide. everyone except steve is facing away from the camera


me in the bathroom, again, 10/01/14

in this bathroom mirror selfie, i have x's on the back of my hands for some reason. guess im edge.


mixtapes 10/29/14

mixtapes. maura has pink hair, paul is just off screen to the left mixtapes 2. it's dark. you can just barely make out ryan's silouette


the wild 4/26/2015

the wild. dakota is on the far left of the image. witt is pretty well centered. the lighting is good, someone's camera flash went off at the perfect time. the wild. very close up on dianna, dakota to the right, steve in the back.


nana grizol- 06/15/2015

nana grizol. the whole thing is just generally blurry.


no clouds- 07/16/15

no clouds. it is very dark.



kidbrat 12/04/15

i wanna eat pizza and i wanna make out and i want to do it at the same time do you know your my trash babe?



no clouds (01/10/2016

no clouds always turns all the lights off at their shows.


bathroom selfo- 02/03/16 (this show would have been- jeremy ray, you vandal, new junk city, wicked pretty)

bathroom mirror selfie 003. my hair looks good in this one.


no clouds- 05/30/16

no clouds no clouds 2 no clouds 3


michael cera palin- 10/31/16 (first picture taken at wonderroot with my windows phone)

micharl cerra palin


the wild (acoustic) 11/08/16

witt and dianna are standing in a big empty room. witt is holding a guitar, dinna is standing to the left.


No Clouds 01/28/17 (Last Wonderroot Show Ever)

no clouds. everyone is facing away from the camera.


whats left, 02/29/2020.

a pile of rubble in the former location of wonderroot, taken from the standpoint of the homegrown parking lot.


i stopped by the pile on the way back from another show, and stood on that floor one last time. i wish i'd have thought to stand in about the place i might have been at a show, and take a picture in the direction of the wall, but there really would't have been much to see, and it was dark.

this picture is pretty close, but it's a screenshot from a video so the quality isn't great.

the back wall of wonderroot that i'd seen so many times before, this time with no bands in front of it, only the scattered ruins of what once was.


i did manage to bring home one of the electrical boxes off of the ceiling, and a chunk of concrete block from where the wall changed from red to white

a bent pice of conduit, and electrical box, and a piece of concrete with red and white paint on it.


again, i kinda wish i'd have gotten a picture of this while it was still in the pile, but the lighting was much better after i got home

i got some pretty decent quality video of one side of the ibeam (though not as good as 'd hoped), downloading it from this site will probably be slow, just ask and i'll send it to you some other way. here it is anyway: wonderbeam.mp4 (391mb)