Windows 2000

is fucking awesome!

So, I recently installed Windows 2000 on a computer, replacing the less-than-great Windows 8 beta. Windows 2000 is amazing on modern hardware, it can do everything Windows XP can do.

here it is running Firefox 12, Avast free Antivirus 7, CCleaner 3.8 (the latest versions when I made this), iTunes 7, and Microsoft Office 2003 (I am editing this page in windows 2000 right now!).

Windows 2000, Firefox, Avast

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Also, thanks to a Japanese website (translated, poorly) I was able to get Windows Media Player 10 to run too!
Windows Media Player 10

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the WMP toolbar even works!
Windows Media Plauyer Toolbar

to get the high-color icons in the system tray, go here (in Internet Explorer):

The best part of all of this is, there is no hacking or random DLL updating required, just install SP4 and let Windows Update do the rest! Microsoft would go broke if they didn't depend on planned obsolescence! Everything they have done since 1999 is pointless, the only real advances they have made are in the fields of making things shiny.

Oh wait, Windows 2000 can do that too!

Windows 2000 Aero

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EDIT: May 31, 2012 7:55pm

The good old days are over, just minutes ago Firefox did this: