Computer Stuff and Stuff

These are some articles and stuff I made telling you how to do stuff on the computer in various versions of Windows and stuff.


LastFM scrobbler for PM123 in OS/2


download links i found for the lorex qlr460 4 channel pci card security system dvr


How to run Windows Media Player 10 on Windows 10 (and 7 and 8)


How to make Desk.cpl from Windows 2000 run on Windows 8 and 10


Windows 2000, the only thing better than Windows NT 3.51


Floyd's Software, my software development company that I just made up and started and is just me


Everything you ever wanted to know about Windows NT 3.51 (Incomplete)


How to use the System Configuration Utility, MSConfig


Program Manager for Windows XP service Pack 2 and later


Getting Program Manager to run in Windows 7, 8, and 10 (newly updated! November 3, 2017!)








Note to the reader: this page has the word "stuff" used far too many times on it.