Floyd's Software

Computer programs I made, most of them are pretty dumb.

Last Update-Saturday, January 02, 2016

Why are you doingthis, Floyd?

I have thrown together a few simple computer programs over the years, and I wanted to put them here,so I made this.

Will you make a program for me to use and or distribute?

Sure!, it might cost you though. Note that can't guarantee anything and I don't want you selling it for profit after I make it for you. I also make websites and fix computers. E-Mail me or post on the forum and lets talk business shit.

Do these programs require licenses or purchases?

No application here has a license or a copyright or anything, you can use, edit, or redistribute them however you want. They are all free and always will be. If you want the source code, just ask and I will send it to you if I still have it, if not feel free to decompile and reverse engineer it.

What are these programs compatible with?

Unless it is otherwise noted, they are all done in Visual Basic 6.0. Thus, they should all run on Windows 95 and anything newer, maybe even something older. Most are designed for use on Windows 2000 and newer.

How do I install these programs?

All Floydsoft applications install using the Floyd's Software installer, it does not make any changes to any system files or the registry. If you want to manually install, you can select manual install and the installer will extract it's files to a temporary folder, C:\Floyd's Software.

How do I uninstall these programs?

To uninstall a single application, use it's uninstaller under "Uninstall" in the Floyd's Software start menu folder. To uninstall all Floydsoft applications at the same time, removing any trace of their existence from your computer, use the unified uninstaller, also under "Uninstall" in the Floyd's Software start menu folder. If all of that is too much trouble, you can always use the good old delete button.

Where can these programs be downloaded?

Here is the entire Floyd's Software library:

    Windows 3.x theme for Windows XP

         Download installer- (285 KB)

    Commodore 202 Adding Machine Emulator

         Download installer- (576 KB)

    Countdown to Stay Sweet Fest 2 (2012)

         Download .ZIP file (40KB)

    Show Calculator 1.0 for Windows

         Download Installer (88KB)

    Countdown to Plan-It-X Fest (2012)

         Download .ZIP file (51KB)

    Radioshow, the Stand-alone Radio show Program

         Download Installer(1.90 MB)

    Countdown to The Fest 11 (2012)

         Download .ZIP file (40KB)

    Countdown to Stay Sweet Fest 3 (2013)

         Download .ZIP file (40KB)

    Countdown to The Fest 12 (2013)

         Download .ZIP file (40KB)

More to come soon!

Things currently in development:

  - some LCARS shells for Windows