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Author Topic: Feburay 2012 Random Thoughts and Show List  (Read 2786 times)

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Feburay 2012 Random Thoughts and Show List
« on: February 11, 2012, 09:52:42 am »
Last Thursday I saw Roanoke, Blue Print, Kelsi Grammer, Big Eyes, and Places to Hide. Later this month there is all this stuff:

Sunday, February 19
Daytrader, Campaign Some Mistakes, The Disregardables

Monday, February 20
Ryan Harvey, The Wild (acoustic) Turncoat Collective, Dustin and the Furniture

Saturday, February 25
The Wild, The Disregardables, Places To Hide, Wire Method, Full Net, D-Flo

Well, OK, it's not exactly a "ton" of shows, but it looks like more if I include all of the next few months. Also, this is next month, someone finally made a flyer that does not look out of place here:

here is link- http://www.facebook.com/events/168819686564914/
And that's about it.
Also, ATLDIY has a forum now too, http://atlantadiy.proboards.com/
But if anyone actually reads this, odds are you already know all this stuff and I am wasting my time.
I run this shit.

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