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General Discussion / Unwrapped Gifts From Me to You
« on: February 23, 2012, 01:01:14 pm »
over the years i have gotten some stickers, patches and pin (see photo)  with stuff i have ordered, rather then see these things go to waste i would like someone have them who will use them. email me if you are interested in any of the stuff you see but don't be greedy you aren't entitled to everything sorry. hopefully i can find a nice home for these things.  will update this post as things go.
here is the list of freebies:
1 Strike Anywhere Exit English Poster 21'' x 13'' creasing evident on center line slight tear less than an inch on far right on the middle line
1 Download Punk Sticker 3.5'' x 4.5'' url on the sticker takes you to a site for Hopeless Records
2 Angry Young and Poor Stickers 9 x 2.5 green writing on a black background says Angry Young and Poor Punk Rock Mail Order and gives the url two gray skulls as the graphic
1 Angry Young and Poor Sticker 4'' x 3'' blue with white writing says Angry Young and Poor and has there url graphic is a picture of George W. Bush  surrounded with the text "god save the king he ain't no human being"
2 Crust Punks Distro Stickers 4'' x 3'' black graphic with white typical crust fashion reads Crust Punks Distro graphic has a mutated humyn in front of some smokestacks on top of what appears to be skulls again typical crust fashion
1 Sticker 5.5'' x 1.5'' black background with white writing just has the url
1 Dogpile Sticker 8'' x 1.5'' yellow background with read ink says DOGPILE in text that looks like old english font has a skull with safety pins on both ends of the word
1 Dogpile Sticker 2'' x 2'' black background with yellow ink graphic is of skull with safety pins that kind look like crossbones has the text ''dog'' above the skull and ''pile'' below
1 Dogpile Sticker 1.5'' x 1.5'' white background with red ink graphic is three guns with stars hanging down  and the word DOGPILE underneath
1 Dogpile Sticker 4'' x 3'' red background with white ink says DOGPILE at the top graphic of a helicopter with a star to the left and one to the right and the  phrase "CHAOS000" underneath
1 Dogpile Sticker 3.5'' x 4'' red background with yellow ink has skull with safety pins appearing to mock crossbones has word "Dog" above skull and "Pile" beneath it
1 Dogpile Sticker 3.5" x 4" black backround white ink says "DOGPILE" at the top graphic of skull with safety pin crossbones with a small star to the left and right and the text "CHAOS000" below also has their url
1 Rock Against Bush Vol. 2 Sticker 4'' x 4''  image is same as cd cover
1 Rock Against Bush Sticker 9'' x 2'' says rock against bush blue background graphic is of George W. Bush covering his ears
1 The Unseen Sticker  6'' x 2'' black and grey background says "THE UNSEEN" in white pretty basic
1 Anti-Flag Sticker 6'' x 2.5'' red background black ink graphic of row of bullets with the text "bullets can't silence ideas ANTI/FLAG'' above the bullets
4 Dogpile Patches 4.5'' x 1'' i removed these from my pants because i hate any brand stuff on my clothing maroon background grayish graphic "DOGPILE CHAOS000" text with a star on the left and right useful if you wanna counterfeit the pants haha or sew it to a jacket or something
1 Dogpile Patch black with white graphic has the dogpile skull with safety pin crossbones and a star on the left and right reads "DP-77" above skull and ''PUNX'' below
1 Peta 2 Patch on red fabric with a black rectangle with the words "SPECIESISM SUCKS" there is a small star to the left of the word sucks and one to the right has their url at the bottom
1 Anti-Product Patch 5'' x 4'' black fabric with white ink reads ANTI PRODUCT in some bizarre font the O is a peace sign but has been colored in
1 Brother Inferior patch 4'' x 5.5''  black fabric with grey ink says "BROTHER INFERIOR" at top grapic is of an upside down flag with someone tied to a post in front of it
1 The Code Pin  outside text reads "WE STAND TOGETHER IN HOPE" says "THE CODE" in the middle in white over a black star with a red background
1 Pennywise Bonus DVD came with the album GOD SAVE THE USA has behind the scenes making of footage
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