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Author Topic: More Random Thoughts  (Read 4619 times)

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More Random Thoughts
« on: December 24, 2011, 06:42:28 pm »
Tomorrow is Christmas so here is this:
but on a more important note...
The Max Levine Ensemble
Hungry Hungry Humans
The Disregardables
Bad Mammals

Also, I will be seeing TMLE on the 28th in Athens too. Speaking of Athens, I was talking with someone on the internet the other day, and there may be a new space in Athens and I am going to try to help out with it and stuff, here is where the discussion took place: http://pix.hijinx.nu/index.php?topic=38559.0. So if that happens, it will be awesome. Also I got an old electro-mechanical adding machine the other day, a Commodore it looks great sitting next to my old typewriter. re-installed Windows on my laptop the other day after it's built in network adapter died and I got a PCMCIA adapter to replace it. after I did that I ran windows update and let it update everything without upgrading to sp3. I wish I had not because the laptop is slow-ish now, but that could just be because I am using the latest Firefox all the time now. I would have a radio show now but the server software has not been re-installed on my laptop yet. I feel like there is something else to say here, but I can't think of anything, so I guess that is all
I run this shit.

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